Should I Get a Manual or Electric Toothbrush?

Most people wonder about the effectiveness of electric powered toothbrushes. Without buying one, they want to know if the hype is worth the investment. They also wonder if brushing manually is just as effective. Know the answer to whether or not you should get a manual or electric brush.

Either One Is Effective

Medical or scientific studies have not proven that electric toothbrushes are more effective at cleaning teeth than the manual versions. Most people assume that either one is equally effective. In most cases, the way you brush your teeth affects the results more than the type of toothbrush you use. However, there are a few benefits to using an electric brush that are not seen with the use of a traditional one.

The Electric Brush Does All of the Hard Work

In one electric toothbrush, there are dozens of different features that clean, rotate, pulsate, oscillate and vibrate on your teeth. All features are designed to work together for the most comprehensive teeth cleaning system. The four main types are classified as vibrating, rotating-oscillating, sonic or ultrasonic.

The brush makes fast bristle movements on your teeth that do not require manual hand movements. Your only job is to hold the device firmly in place and over the spots that need cleaning. Some devices allow you to increase or decrease the speed of the movements. Others have sensors that tell you if there’s too much pressure or not enough.

An electric toothbrush is not the only cause of a clean, healthy mouth, though. Where you brush is just as important as how you brush. You get the cleanest mouth by also brushing the tongue where there are hidden bacteria.

The Electric Kind Is Reusable

A manual brush is used every day and collects buildup deep within its bristles. It must be thrown away after only a few months of daily use. An electric toothbrush can be used for decades of daily use. The rechargeable battery ensures that you save money without having to buy new brushes.

Manual Is Less Complicated

An electric brush has many advantages over the manual kind. However, the manual toothbrush is less complicated and simpler to use. It’s recommended for anyone who does not want to spend hours researching the different parts of a sonic toothbrush. The manual version is designed to keep hygiene routines simple.

Electric toothbrushes are more effective than non-electric brushes in many ways. However, using a manual one is also effective if you know how to brush properly. With either type of device, you remove most of the plaque and bacteria that causes dental problems. Your selection of either one is based on your own brushing habits and personal preferences. It is important to remember to schedule a regular dental appointment for cleaning and checkup. Contact Sina Malekuti, DDS to schedule an appointment today!