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The Benefits of Wearing Night Guards

It is pretty common for some people to clench or grind their teeth. There are some, however, teeth grinding, clinically called bruxism, can lead to worn and cracked teeth, jaw and facial pain, earaches and severe morning headaches. It can also lead to having flat, worn, and unsightly teeth. The worst thing that can happen is that this can also cause numerous symptoms which can affect the teeth, muscles as well as your jaw joint.

Though teeth grinding is a hard habit to break there are ways to treat it. Mouth guards are retainer-like devices placed on the teeth in order to help in dealing with excessive clenching and grinding. Adults and children who grind their teeth at night should have a night guard to prevent tooth damage.

Night guards are now available in various materials, sizes and shapes. A dentist can have a night guard custom-made from a mold of your mouth which can provide comfort and protection for your teeth.

Over the counter guards can give your teeth some protection from the grinding forces, however there are instances when these can boost the force created by the muscles, which will lead to continuous or increased symptoms in the muscles of a person, which include headaches as well as the jaw joint.

For this reason, it is still best to have custom made night guards that are properly made as these will not just protect your teeth but can also lessen the joint and muscles’ force through guiding the bite position as well as lower jaw’s movement. Ask Dr. Malekuti about these night guards in order for you to get the one that suits your specific needs.

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