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Why Individuals Need Cosmetic Dentist?

Individuals need cosmetic dentist because they are skilled to improve variety of dental procedures and repairs. Cosmetic dentist has also the knowledge of treating discolored, misshapen, missing and chipped teeth. They can also close spaces, restore short and worn teeth, reshape teeth and alter the length of the teeth. If you have the desire of rectifying dental issue, improving your smile and bringing back the confidence, you can rely on cosmetic dentist to fulfill these desires.

 Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Teeth Whitening

This is performed by a cosmetic dentist in an office or even at home with full dental supervision. This treatments start when your cosmetic dentist creates a mouthpiece ensuring the right quantity of whitening solution to be used during the bleaching process. This procedure is ideal when the teeth become discolored or stained due to smoking and frequent medicine intake.


An excellent way of changing teeth’s appearance is through veneers. One good reason to get them is to close the gap between the teeth. Once installed the veneers are placed in the front teeth that aid in changing the shape and color of the teeth. These are ideal on teeth with uneven surfaces or those that are discolored, oddly shaped, crooked, spaced and chipped. These are better alternative for crowns because the latter is more expensive. Before a cosmetic dentist cements these on the teeth, buffing the tooth is done to balance thickness. These have long life expectancy and excellent color stability.


The crowns aids in covering a tooth and restoring the appearance and normal shape. This has been a last option in case other procedures are no longer effective. Despite the expensive cost of the crowns, more individuals are still clinging to these on their intention of achieving ultimate appearance of their teeth. Of all cosmetic dental procedures, the crowns require the longest time of process. But these cosmetic restorations guarantee long life expectancy.


Invisalign is an alternative option for bulky braces. It may look like as a piece of plastic, but is a form of orthodontic treatment that uses clear and removable teeth aligners. As of now, millions of people are using the treatment and only few cosmetic dentists are trained to offer the treatment. That is the reason why it is vital to seek for the right cosmetic dentist for you to save money and time from useless or ineffective available methods.

These are just few of the numerous procedures a cosmetic dentist can offer. If you have any questions about how our treatments can help you have a healthier and better smile, please give us a call.

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