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Same Day Crown – Get Your Dream Smile within a Single Day

With the surge of brand new technologies, dental care has been made much even better than before, and this goes not just for the patients but even for the dentists. One case in particular is the dental crowns. The latest innovative systems made it very much possible to create a custom dental crown in a day instead of having to set two different visits that are usually a week or two apart.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are the caps fitting over the tooth which has suffered from severe decay or damage. Once it has been put in place, the crown can help in improving the bite strength of the tooth, eliminating the discomfort and pain caused by the damaged tooth, and allowing the patient to chew and bite more normally.

Dental Crowns – The Old Fashioned Way

Several years ago, the creation and placement of dental crowns was a 2-visit procedure that calls for several days between the said two visits. On the initial visit, the tooth of the patient will be prepared, taking off an impression from that prepped tooth. The moment this is completed, this impression is going to be sent to the dental lab in order for the dental crown to be created. For the meantime, temporary dental crowns will be worn by the patient.

Around 5 to 7 days after, the dental crown that will be finished will arrive from the laboratory. This time, the temporary crown is going to be removed. He will then ensure that the permanent restoration’s fit will be correct before fixing the permanent crown in its proper place.

The Birth of Same Day Dental Crown

Thanks to developments in technology, Cerec crowns or same day dental crowns have become possible. The brand new system gives the dentists a chance to take some digital impressions and come up with custom dental crown right on the spot. This time around, there is no longer a need to send the impression to the lab and wait for it to be sent back.

The entire procedure is very simple, which can be done in just a single day:

  • Tooth preparation
  • The prepped tooth’s digital impression will be taken.
  • The data will be sent to the milling unit of high speed type which will then create the dental crown right within the clinic.
  • The dental crown created will then be carefully placed to the tooth of the patient.


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