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Reasons Why You Should Have Regular Teeth Cleaning

Tooth cleaning is one of the dental procedures that you must never miss out. The benefits of this treatment come in a long list, and here are just some of the best reasons why you should get your teeth cleaned as early as possible:

Preventing gum disease

Gum disease is a kind of bacterial infection brought about by plaque, or the colorless and sticky bacteria filled film which attaches itself to your tooth/teeth. Once it starts building up, hardens and turns into tartar, it can then be harder to remove. The plaque’s bacteria can produce toxins which can cause irritation on the gums and result to gingivitis and inflammation. Once these bacteria have not been removed, with the inflammation continuing on, the tissues of the gum can become destroyed, with more advanced cases of gum diseases following the problem. Through teeth cleaning, plaque can be removed, thus preventing the development of any gum diseases.

Keeping the teeth

Once the gum disease becomes more advanced, the pockets are also growing deeper, with the plaque moving further down the root of the tooth, which can then destroy the bone that supports it. The teeth that are affected can start to loosen and can fall out soon. Because disease of the gum is the primary reason behind tooth loss among adults, regular visits to the dentist combined with regular teeth cleaning, flossing, and brushing in between the visits are needed so that you can keep your natural teeth.

Avoiding bad breath

Incessant bad breath has different oral causes like periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene, unclean denture, coating on tongue surface, food stuck in between teeth, throat infections or oral carcinomas. Proper oral hygiene is always a most in order to prevent any of the said conditions and this will then help in preventing bad breath. Regular teeth cleaning and checkups are among the finest ways for ensuring that you will maintain good oral hygiene.

Achieving a brighter smile

Habits like drinking tea, coffee and other beverages as well as smoking tobacco can be the primary causes of tooth staining. There are also medications which can discolor your teeth. Regular teeth cleaning performed by your chosen dentist will help in removing these discolorations for you to flash those pearly whites. Apart from removing tartar and plaque during the process, your dentist will also polish the teeth for them to have a wonderful shine, resulting to brighter and white smile.

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