Overcoming Dental Anxiety

While practicing proper dental hygiene at home is simple and can promote good dental health, it is not enough. You still need to visit your dentist regularly for checkups and maintenance. Some people do not have any problems while visiting their dentists, but some may not be comfortable at all. Some have a fear of visiting a dentist, become uncomfortable with the aseptic smell and get frightened with the idea of dental surgery. 

If you are dreading the idea of seeing your dentist, you probably have dental anxiety. This anxiety may be associated with triggers with the look and sounds of dental equipment or just the setting of the dental practice itself. 

We always had this notion when we were young that dental treatments are painful, and this notion tends to stick in our minds as we grow. Of course, your dentist would like you to feel calm and relax. Apart from the fact that it keeps you comfortable, it also makes their job easier. When a patient is anxious, your dentist might find it hard to treat your condition; whereas, if you are calm then the quicker, easier and the more effective they will be in doing their job.  

Here are the most common reasons for dental anxiety and the simple tricks to subdue them:


  • It’s going to hurt
    To some, a trip to a dentist only means one thing – pain. If you are worried about pain, talk to your dentist about it so they can administer anesthesia for your comfort or if you are scared of needles, then nitrous oxide will do the trick for and make you feel relaxed. If nitrous oxide is not enough, you might want to consider getting help from sedation dentistry. This is usually the best option for people who are afraid of going to the dentist.


  • Bad experience in the past
    Some people may be afraid of a dentist or a dental clinic in general due to their trauma from a bad experience in the past. This shouldn’t keep you from visiting your dentist for your regular dental checkup. The key here is to tell your dentist about your bad experience so he or she will be able to treat you in such a way that helps you put yourself at ease.


  • The embarrassment of your oral health
    Perhaps it’s been a long time since your last dental visit and you are ashamed about the condition of your dental health. Dentists are familiar with that situation and have dealt with so many dental problems that are far worse than yours.


  • Anxiety about cost
    Dental work can be expensive, but there are financial agreements that you can arrange with your dentist. Plus, there are low-cost clinics that are as reliable. A visit today could prevent more costly dental treatments later.


Dental anxiety doesn’t have to be the reason why you will sacrifice your dental health. It’s better to deal with it early, so you can keep your dental health in great condition.

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