Surprising Foods That Are Actually Good For Your Teeth

Surprising Foods That Are Actually Good For Your Teeth

Everyone has heard of the foods that are bad to your tooth health. Sugary foods and acidic foods are on top of the list of foods to avoid. But instead of thinking negatively about foods, think positively. What foods are good for your teeth? Do any certain foods increase your dental health? Here are some food items that are not only tasty but improve your dental health too.


Salmon has a ton of Omega fatty acids, so it’s good for your body in general. But did you know it’s also good for your teeth, too? Salmon contains a significant level of vitamin D and calcium as well as those wonderful omega fatty acids. To have healthy teeth, you also need regular servings of vitamin D and calcium to keep your teeth healthy. The calcium strengthens bones and teeth. And vitamin D enables the body to absorb the calcium you ingest adequately. So, adding a regular serving of salmon to your diet will benefit your overall body health.


Celery is a treat for your teeth and gums because chewing the celery stalk gives your teeth a good workout. Because you have to chew celery stalks quite a bit before you can swallow them, your mouth produces plenty of saliva. Saliva’s function remains to kill damaging bacteria that may exist in your mouth. So eating celery kills mouth germs around your teeth and gums while giving them a good massage.


Cheese is well known for containing lots of calcium to keep your teeth and bones strong. But cheese has other dental benefits, such as:

  • Being high in phosphates. Phosphates keep bones and teeth healthy, just like calcium does. Regularly eating cheese remains a natural way to get enough phosphates in your diet.
  • Balancing the pH levels in your body. If the pH levels in your mouth are too low, you probably have a buildup of acids in your mouth, as well as harmful bacteria. Eating cheese produces more saliva in the mouth. Increased levels of saliva balance the pH in your mouth and lessen your chance for getting cavities in your teeth.

Dark Chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover, rejoice. Dark chocolate is one candy that is good for your teeth. The cacao in dark chocolate protects you against cavities by strengthening your tooth enamel. Having strong tooth enamel also lessens tooth sensitivity, too. The trick to enjoying dark chocolate without damaging your teeth is to eat a dark chocolate that has a cacao content of 76 percent or more. Also, you should choose one that is low in sugar and contains less than eight grams of sugar.

Do you want to know more about tasty foods that keep your mouth healthy and make your teeth stronger? Please set up an appointment with Dr. Malekuti at for an examination and more information on having the best smile possible.

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