At our office, we are committed to bringing you the best care available. To help us provide you with better services, Dr. Sina Malekuti uses advanced dental technology in Springfield, Virginia. With the help of these tools, our dentist can get patients better, quicker and more efficient care at our practice. Find out more about dental technology below!


DentalVibe makes every visit more comfortable for patients. This oral injection system allows our dentist to perform most procedures without discomfort. Most patients do not even realize they are receiving an injection!


With 3D imaging, our office can get a better, more comprehensive look at your smile. This is especially beneficial when planning restorations, checking for potential issues, diagnosing disorders, planning orthodontics and identifying sources of decay.

Fotona Laser

The Fotona laser helps our dentist complete fillings accurately and with less invasive procedures. With this tool, a filling can often be completed without the use of a drill or anesthesia.

CEREC Restoration

The CEREC system works to give patients high-quality restorations in just a single day. Instead of coming in for multiple appointments, our dentist can examine your smile, take impressions, prep the tooth, create the crown or bridge, and place the restoration — all in one day!

Prime Scan

This digital intraoral camera lets our dentist get a closer, more accurate view of your smile. By using this, our office can identify dental issues more quickly and treat them before they become serious problems.

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