3 Main Parts of Dental Restoration

A missing tooth can cause inconvenience in your life. We will never be able to smile comfortably and brightly again especially if you are missing a front tooth. It lowers our confidence. Whether it’s due to an accident, tooth decay or whatever dental problems you have, it is important that you get your teeth restored. There are a lot of dental procedures and methods designed to suit the needs of every individual. One of the most common dental procedures is dental restoration or dental implant. Dental restoration is designed to replace missing or damaged teeth. The main goal is to improve the appearance of a person and boost his or her confidence as well as to prevent dental problems from happening again.

If you are considering dental restoration or dental implants, you might start to wonder what the process entails. This type of procedure will be permanent so you might as well educate yourself about it. There are three main parts of dental restoration:


  • The Fixture


Fixture, also known as the dental implant post, is usually made of titanium in a shape like a screw and is surgically embedded below the gum line to mimic the tooth’s root. During the restoration process, the soft tissue of the gums will be cut just enough to place the fixture and fused it with the jawbone; so that it will become a permanent part of your mouth. The fixture is often coated with hydroxyapatite, an ingredient that will assist the fixture during the fusion process.



  • The abutment


Once the fixture is secured, the top part of it will then be covered with a protective cap to ensure that the implant site will retain its necessary shape while it heals. The protective cap will only be removed if the site has already healed. The second part of dental restoration will then follow which is the abutment. It serves as a connecting element and can be located around your gum line. However, abutment can only be installed when the fusion process involving the fixture has been completed. Once the fusion process is done, the abutment is screwed into the fixture. It helps in holding the dental work to ensure you have a perfect smile.



  • The prosthesis


Prosthesis or replacement teeth is the work done on top of the abutment which may include crown, bridge or dentures. It is cemented onto the abutment, or attached onto the abutment should you like to have a denture. Once the prosthesis is fixed, it will look and feel like your real teeth and your bright smile will be restored. 

With the advancement of technology, you can now restore your confident smile through dental restoration. If you are planning to undergo dental restoration, pay your dentist a visit and have your dental health checked first. You may have to undergo a couple of preparatory procedures such as extraction of the tooth if it is chipped or unhealthy and evaluating the health of your gums. 

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