Helping Children Develop Good Dental Habits

hand person play finger child health facial expression smile mouth dentist face eating nose toddler eye head skin organ tooth best dentist bangaloreIt is important for the parents in Springfield, Va., to teach their children good dental habits so that they will have healthy teeth and attractive smiles. Here are some ways to help children develop the best dental habits that will prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.


Dental Habit 1: Don’t Put Foreign Objects Inside the Mouth

Children should avoid bad habits such as chewing on pencils or their fingernails because it leads to chipped enamel on their teeth. Thumb-sucking is another bad habit that can shift the position of a child’s teeth along with introducing dangerous bacteria. A child who is sucking on her thumb or chewing on foreign objects may use these bad habits as a coping mechanism for stress.

Dental Habit 2: Frequent Brushing and Flossing

Parents should help a child choose the appropriate toothbrush, toothpaste and floss so that she will enjoy brushing and flossing her teeth. Some children don’t like toothpaste with a mint flavor because it irritates their gum tissue. Fortunately, parents can find child-friendly flavors such as grape or bubblegum so that flossing and brushing doesn’t cause any pain.


Dental Habit 3: Provide a Nutritious Daily Diet

Make sure that a child has access to a lot of nutritious foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits rather than ice cream, candy or potato chips. A child should consume approximately 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day so that she receives enough vitamins and minerals to have stronger teeth. Children also require several servings of low-fat dairy products along with whole-grain foods and lean proteins.


Dental Habit 4: Drinking Lots of Water

If a child has a hydrated mouth, then she is less likely to have dental health issues. The best water for children to drink is fluoridated, helping to improve the strength of dental enamel to prevent cavities. While drinking some types of vegetable or fruit juices is healthy, it is better to avoid sugary beverages such as soft drinks. Soft drinks contain high levels of sugar, and these beverages are often acidic, damaging the enamel on a child’s teeth.


Dental Habit 5: Have an Oral Irrigator

Older children can use an oral irrigator to remove additional food debris from the spaces between their teeth or along the gums. An oral irrigator is a dental care appliance that has a tank that parents can fill with water. This water shoots from a wand that a child inserts into her mouth. The pressurized water from the wand dislodges food particles to prevent a buildup of plaque that contains bacteria.


Dental Habit 6: Visits To a Dental Office

Parents must schedule routine dental office visits for their children. If a dentist checks a child’s teeth every six months, then she can find tiny cavities. It is easy for a dentist to create a filling for a smaller cavity, and a dental hygienist can clean a child’s teeth with specialized instruments to remove the plaque that causes decay.


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