Porcelain Crowns
Regain Your Confidence and Smile Brightly with Porcelain Crown No one wants to be laughed at every time they smile simply because their teeth are not good to look at. For this reason, more and more people are searching for the best ways to help them improve their smile and gain more confidence when facing read more
E max Crowns
E Max Crown – The Ideal Option for the Picture Perfect Smile E max crowns carry a lot of amazing benefits as compared to the rest of the kinds of crowns, and this is for numerous reasons. For starters, an e max crown can last much longer, not to mention that it is also durable. read more
Dental Implant Restoration
Reclaim Your Wonderful Smile through Dental Implant Restoration The implant dentistry field has now revolutionized and altered the way cases of missing teeth are being treated. Dental implant restoration will be able to offer a seamless solution for tooth replacement. However, what is dental implant restoration and how can you actually benefit from getting it? read more
CEREC Crowns
Same Day Crown – Get Your Dream Smile within a Single Day With the surge of brand new technologies, dental care has been made much even better than before, and this goes not just for the patients but even for the dentists. One case in particular is the dental crowns. The latest innovative systems made read more
Cosmetic Dentist
Why Individuals Need Cosmetic Dentist? Individuals need cosmetic dentist because they are skilled to improve variety of dental procedures and repairs. Cosmetic dentist has also the knowledge of treating discolored, misshapen, missing and chipped teeth. They can also close spaces, restore short and worn teeth, reshape teeth and alter the length of the teeth. If read more
Night Guards
The Benefits of Wearing Night Guards It is pretty common for some people to clench or grind their teeth. There are some, however, teeth grinding, clinically called bruxism, can lead to worn and cracked teeth, jaw and facial pain, earaches and severe morning headaches. It can also lead to having flat, worn, and unsightly teeth. read more
Dental Fillings
Dental Fillings as a restorative treatment Your teeth are used for chewing all the food that you eat every single day, which is the reason why it is very hard to avoid wear and tear along the way. Dental fillings are used for restoring damaged or worn teeth as well as for treating tooth decay read more
Dental Crowns
Dental crown is a restorative treatment which completely caps a damaged tooth or dental implant. It is bonded to the tooth in order to aid in the treatment of damaged or decayed teeth, as it helps to strengthen the tooth structure. When cemented in place, a crown fully encases the portion of a tooth that read more
Affordable Teeth Cleaning
Reasons Why You Should Have Regular Teeth Cleaning Tooth cleaning is one of the dental procedures that you must never miss out. The benefits of this treatment come in a long list, and here are just some of the best reasons why you should get your teeth cleaned as early as possible: Preventing gum disease read more
Emergency walk-ins
The need for an Emergency Dentist Accidents happen and dental emergencies are something that no one can predict, it can unexpectedly take place at times when you least expect them to. In some cases, these incidents could result to a broken or cracked tooth or even worse, losing a tooth altogether. Regardless of how a read more
Emergency walk-ins

With the help of an emergency dentist, you can say goodbye to your tooth pain, broken dentures, chipped tooth, lost fillings or any tooth problems in no time at all, just give us a call!

Dr. Malekuti is one of the best dentists in the area and we have been fGoing to him for the past 15 years. We really like him because he’s the most sincere and honest dentist you can find. Highly recommend dr. Malekuti to anyone.

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