Affordable Dental Checkup

Find Affordable Dental Checkups for a Pearly White Smile

About 50 years ago, the examinations of those who are entering the military revealed that the teeth of Americans were actually in bad shape. Back then, only a few are taking extra care of their teeth. Guidelines were not yet set as to how often one should visit a dentist. And during those years, most of the dentists are only focused on how they can fix problems instead of how they can be prevented. Those were also the times when affordable dental check-up is still nonexistent, and usually, no discount for dental work is given.

However, as years passed by, health and dental organizations have decided that it is about time for them to set some standards that will govern preventive dentistry. Even though they were lacking in evidence, they concluded that people need to visit their dentist two times a year for cleaning and checkups

This then became a helpful rule of thumb which remains even up to this very day. While you might claim that you are taking excellent care of your gums and teeth at home, seeing your dentist is still a must, and it is should be done regularly.

The dentist is the one person who will be able to check any problem that you might not feel or see. A lot of dental issues do not actually cause pain or are not seen, unless they have already reached the advanced stages.

Good examples of these are

  • gum disease
  • cavities
  • oral cancer

Thanks to the available affordable dental check-up, visiting your dentist is no longer a problem, allowing you to spot the early signs of oral diseases at the soonest time possible. This way, the problems are going to be cured while they are still at manageable stage.

So far, visiting the dentist twice annually works pretty well for majority of individuals, with a few getting away with even lesser visits, while some need frequent ones. People who have lesser chances of gum disease or cavities can be fine with a single visit every year. On the other hand, those who have more risks might have to see their dentist every 3 or 4 months, or even more.

Your dental health is important that is why you have to take extra care of it. Good thing that you no longer need to worry about expenses as there is now discount for dental work given. Dr. Malekuti offers affordable dental check-ups to his patients, visit us in our clinic in Springfield VA for more information or call us!

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